FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – Building Inspections

Is Buildingwise qualified to undertake Inspections?
Yes, our Building Inspector is Peter Moroney who is an Accredited Certifier Building Inspector with the Building Professionals Board, registration number BPB1720. Ensure your Building Inspector is licensed.
Does Buildingwise have professional Indemnity Insurance for Inspections?
Yes, Peter Moroney has professional indemnity insurance and we will be happy to email or fax a copy on request.
Will the inspection reports comply with Australian Standards?
Yes, our Inspections comply with the latest Australian Standards.
How will I receive the inspection reports?
We can email, post and/or fax the building report to you.
How can I pay for the reports?
We accept credit card, direct deposit, cash and cheque.
How do I get an inspection done?
You can fill out an Inspection Request Form, call us on (02) 4957 8188, send us an email [email protected] or send us a fax (02) 4957 8187.
Am I able to attend the inspection?
Buildingwise encourages you to attend the building inspection so the Building Inspector can discuss his findings with you on site.
How much notice is required before the inspection can be done?
We will arrange the inspection straight away & book it in at our earliest available time which is usually within two working days.
How long will it take to receive the inspection report after the inspection has been done?
The written report is available the next working day after the inspection and it will be emailed directly to you, your Solicitor and/or Conveyancer of your choice.
Are you available to do inspections on the weekend?
Yes, Peter does weekend building inspections by appointment.
How long does an inspection take?
A pre-purchase building & pest inspection takes approximately one to two hours.
Am I able to contact the Inspector if I have any questions?
Yes, should you have any queries relating to this report, please do not hesitate to contact Peter Moroney who will be more than happy to answer any questions.
Will the reports contain any photographs?
Yes, our reports contain photographs.
What qualifications does the Inspector have?
Peter Moroney’s qualifications are:

  • 2012 Diploma of Building Surveying OTEN Sydney
  • 2010 Accredited Certifier/ Building Inspector with the Building Professionals Board NSW Government
  • 1997 Housing Industry Association Accredited Building Consultant
  • 1997 Building & Health Diploma
  • 1992 Builders Licence
  • 1990 Clerk of Works
What areas of the building does the Inspector look at?
The Pre-purchase Building & Pest Reports will comment on the structural adequacy of the framing members, site drainage, cosmetic condition of the dwelling & a summary & a general appraisal overview of the property. The Inspector will climb into the roof void & subfloor area if access is available & inspect any out-buildings on the property.
What items are not covered in the reports?
  • Any additional advice in respects to electrical wiring & plumbing services
  • Any additional advice in respects to a structural engineer, surveyor or solicitor
  • Reference to parts of the building not accessible or covered with materials
  • Reference as to whether the site contaminated in any way or any hazardous material (such as asbestos)

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